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It all started when…

The Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed Alliance began out of meetings organized around concerns for the future of Lake Conway, and tributaries feeding it that were impacted by non-point source pollution.  As time progressed and concerns grew over the future of the larger watershed, advocates brought Federal, State and local agencies together to apply for 319 grant funding from EPA to 1) develop an Urban Watershed Plan for the City of Conway; 2) begin the development of a 9-element plan for LCPRW; 3) organize the Alliance as a non-profit organization committed to continuing the community led efforts to improve watershed quality and remove LCPRW from the list of impaired watersheds in the State.  LCPRWA is 100% volunteer based comprised of representatives throughout the watershed.



There is no paid staff at LCPRWA, so 100% of donations go to further the mission of the organization to reduce non-point source pollution throughout the watershed.  We accomplish this through Outreach & Education, Water Monitoring initiatives, and collaborating with local and regional agencies supporting projects that further this mission.